Durandisse Realty real estate


Build to offset inflation and to create value through Property Appreciation.

Our design will maximize cashflow that will keep you ahead of most inflation rate.

We seek to create a positive ROI based on designs that will maximize cashflow.

Who does not want more for less? We will offer great opportunities to our customers at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.

While many seek to increase rent we seek to maintain or decrease rent.

We understand great products offered at a reasonable price sells itself.

Finding great tenants is one of the industry's greatest challenge.

We believe through properly vetting our applicants and make sure they meet our requirements we can anticipate foreseeing problems.


We seek to offset inflation through real estate development by combining time or fast labor with acquired large quantities of construction materials  at a discounted rate and at a lower market price. Our team of experts specialize in residential and commercial Property development.

We also acquire Properties in some of the most highly performed markets from around the World. Such as, the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, and Rwanda.

He are some of the construction projects Launched by Durandisse Realty, inc through a subsidiary Ant Body Construction.

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